We generally recommend 4-8 feedback providers per person assessed. This is because:

  • Fewer than 4 is not enough to identify consensus. It is really the opinion of just 1-3 people. This might be OK, depending on your objectives, but usually you want a few more.
  • It's important to get representation from a variety of colleagues. We recommend always collecting feedback from an employee's line manager, their peers, and their direct reports. You may also want to collect feedback from customers and/or suppliers.
  • More than 8 can result in too much work for feedback providers. This is less of an issue if you are just running the 360 Feedback project with a few people (and it's quite common to collect more feedback about leadership). But it can become a significant burden on staff if you run the exercise across your whole exercise organization they each end up with 10 or more requests for feedback.
  • The key feedback messages are normally clear without getting everyone's view (as long as you've got sufficient representation from different groups of colleagues!)

Of course, the right number for your specific needs might be higher or lower than our recommendation. It's up to you and there is no limit on how many feedback providers one person can have in Spidergap.

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