It is important to support employees in taking action all-year-round, rather than just for a few weeks after their annual 360.

So we recommend the following approach:

1. Run an annual 360 feedback review and create a PDP

  • The 360 should highlight the behaviors that the employee most needs to improve upon, and what strengths they should be building on when making these improvements
  • The personal development plan (PDP) should set out what actions will be taken, and agree how and when improvement will be measured 
  • A good personal development plan focuses on the one or two areas where the employee can make the biggest impact. Make sure employees don't try to fix too much at once!

2. Review progress monthly and support the employee in taking regular action

  • The employee's manager should meet regularly with the employee, perhaps as part of another catch-up
  • When meeting, review progress against their PDP and the impact they are having, help them overcome obstacles and make updates to their PDP
  • The manager could score the employee on their progress and commitment to personal development, which would then be one of the areas in their annual appraisal
  • Where needed, the employee may need to speak to other colleagues to get feedback on whether the action they've taken has had the desired impact

3. Run a quarterly Mini 360 to help the employee update their priorities

  • A Mini 360 has far fewer questions than a regular 360, so is quicker to complete
  • The employee uses the feedback to decide whether their development priorities need to change since their last 360
  • After reviewing the Mini 360 report, the employee should review and update their PDP
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