Our reports are anonymous by default

Spidergap feedback reports are designed to provide some level of anonymity:

  • The names and email addresses of respondents are not shared. Note you can optionally configure names to be displayed next to text answers on the Design > Reports page
  • The scores given by individuals are aggregated
  • The text answers are grouped together and displayed in a random order (except for the self-assessment response, which is displayed separately).

However, this anonymity can be compromised if:

  • You share a feedback report that has had fewer than 3 responses
  • You share a feedback report that has fewer than 3 responses in one of the categories shown on the Comparison of views page. By process of elimination the assessed person may be able to work out whom has provided the feedback. If needed, you can customize which groups appear on this page.
  • The respondents giving feedback make it clear who has made a text comment by the way they phrase it. To reduce the risk of this, we randomize the order of text answers and do not provide a comparison of text answers across different groups of respondents.

Project administrators

Project administrators that have access to the project results will be able to view individual responses. This is needed in order to support participants and address any major issues (e.g. comments in the feedback survey that are illegal or constitute gross misconduct).

If you are a participant within the project, you may wish to ask someone outside of the project to administrate it. You should ensure that the person with this access is trusted not to share or use any data inappropriately.

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