As a project administrator, you may want to export all of the feedback reports for your project 'in bulk'.

Within Spidergap, it's currently only possible to download the reports individually. But there's a great workaround to speed things up and avoid you having to click on hundreds of download links!

Step one: Download and open the Excel file containing all the report URLs

  1. Open your project
  2. Click Feedback on the left-hand side
  3. Click the Actions button on the right, and select Export to Excel
  4. Open the Excel spreadsheet

Step two: Copy the report URLs

  1. Select the values in column R
  2. Copy these values

Step three: Paste the values into a new worksheet and remove duplicates

  1. Create a new worksheet and paste in the values
  2. Open the Data menu and click Remove Duplicates
  3. Click OK

Step four: Copy and paste the values into

  1. Copy the updated list of URLs (with duplicates removed!)
  2. Open and paste in the URLs. We recommend doing it in batches of 50.
  3. Click Submit now

This website simply opens each of the URLs in a new tab. This should help you to download all of the reports quickly and save you from a lot of mouse clicking.

Got any tips on how to make this process easier? Let us know :)

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