Our group results enable you to identify common areas for improvement across a team or organization.

If you would like to further analyze the results, for example to only see results submitted by managers of a particular level, you can add a drop-down question to allow participants to self-identify what group(s) they belong to.

Here's how to add a dropdown list question to your questionnaire: 

  1. Go to Design > Edit questionnaire

  2. Drag the Add question box into the appropriate section (e.g. within Your Details or Person being assessed):

3. Change the question type to Dropdown list:

4. Enter the Question and Options, and decided whether to check the An answer is required to this question option:

5. Click Save.

When you review the group results you'll now be able to filter the group results based on answers to this question.

If you need other ways to filter your data without having participants make the choice, please contact us.

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