When looking at the Group results page, you’ll see some line graphs half-way down the page that show the number of people who gave a particular score, for each question. 

First off, we’re sorry - we know they are not as easy to understand or use as the visuals found in our individual feedback reports, and we have plans to improve this area in future.

The line graphs are only really needed when digging into the detail to understand something strange (e.g. a polarization of responses, or an unexpected large gap) and shouldn't be used as part of an overall review.

Where needed, you can use the line charts to identify what scores people gave (rather than just look at averages). For example, in the sample chart above I can see that:

  • Most people (~65) gave a 4/5 for current performance

  • Most people (~75) gave a 4/5 for desired performance

  • A small number of people (~10) gave a 3/5 for desired performance in this area, but many (~60) felt the desired score should be 5/5

  • I could compare this chart to other questions to see whether other areas tended to have higher expectations (e.g. Prioritizing where most people rated desired as 5/5)

In most cases, you never need to use them. Instead, the best starting point is to identify what decisions you want to use the group results to make. For example, to identify the common training needs of a team.

Important information can be found at the top of the Group result page and detailed analysis can also be down via the Excel export where raw data can be downloaded.

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