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Join our remote team and enjoy work-life balance as a Full Stack Developer (JavaScript, NodeJS, React)
Join our remote team and enjoy work-life balance as a Full Stack Developer (JavaScript, NodeJS, React)

Spidergap is recruiting! Apply to join our team, or share the role with your friends and family

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Please note that we're not currently hiring for this role, but are leaving this page up to give an idea of what we look for when we are — see this page for more details.

We’re recruiting experienced developers to join our product team at Spidergap.

This is a rare opportunity to join a small, remotely-distributed, profitable and growing company that’s achieving great things, yet appreciates that health and families are more important than work.

We aim to make it easy for organizations to support the personal development of their employees. We do this by providing the tools and services that help the employees to get feedback, plan personal development, and take action.

We’re now the top-rated tool in the 360° Feedback market, used in 134+ countries by thousands of organizations (inc. 3M, Cisco, Fitness First, JLL, Médecins Sans Frontières, New Look, Pandora and Pepsi) to nurture and develop their employees. 

We're looking for talented developers to help us make those organizations even more successful. You’ll be helping us to deliver even better user-experiences, frequently requested features, and cutting-edge personal development tools. 

If you are a software developer who values code quality, wants to grow by working in a small and experienced team, and in doing so wants to help real customers to achieve their goals, then read on…

Who we’re looking for

At Spidergap, we're fueled by the passion and exceptional talent of a successful start-up. We're hungry to amaze our customers, grow the business, and to continue growing as individuals and a team. But we're also focused on the quality-of-life of our team, and as a profitable company (without outside investment!) we're able to support a very healthy work-life balance.

Do you share Spidergap’s values?

We're looking for people who share our values: 

  1. Focus on impact: We know our growth is dependent on increasing the value we deliver to customers. We focus our energy on improvements that will make a real difference, with a desired outcome made clear up-front. We expect everyone to understand why they are working on a particular activity or objective, being clear on how it will benefit the business and our customers.

  2. Be proactive and dependable: Everyone can solve problems and remove barriers to growth — both personally and for the company. We are quick to raise issues and ideas, and to recommend next steps. We make it easier for others to feel they can depend on us by being proactive in our communication and action.

  3. Pay attention to detail: We believe the quality of everything we do is a competitive advantage. We expect high attention-to-detail, whether it's in how we write an email, review our analytics, or design the site. We delight in getting the details right, even in internal documents. High attention to detail isn’t something you turn on and off — it’s an attitude. 

  4. Always look to improve: We survive and grow by constantly looking for opportunities to improve our solutions, our processes and ourselves. We own our mistakes, using them as an opportunity to learn what changes we should make to processes and tools. We expect our people to proactively look for opportunities to develop and improve our own performance.

  5. Enjoy the journey: We consider our health and families to be more important than work. We ensure no-one feels that they are frequently required to work excessive hours. We support each other in overcoming problems and achieving work and life goals. We’re positive and enthusiastic — helping everyone feel energized to take us to the next level. We don’t pin our happiness on the attainment of a particular end goal - we delight in every step along the way.

We don’t just ‘say’ these are our values. We use them all the time — to recruit the right people, manage individual performance, recognize good practice, and make decisions. 

Is the role right for you?

A large part of the work will be developing and supporting new functionality using NodeJS, MySQL, GraphQL and React.

We follow “clean" code principles, agile processes and continuous integration tools to efficiently take features from concept to roll-out, and to continuously optimize our processes. Your attention to detail will help us to amaze our customers, and to grow our services and codebase in a robust and maintainable way.


  • Collaborate to deliver solutions from design to release

  • Write reliable, modular, well-tested and “clean” code

  • Proactively raise ideas and issues, contributing to designs with feedback and suggestions for improvement

  • Support other team members through peer review

  • Help to optimize our development processes and build tools

  • Ensure progress, issues and ideas are communicated clearly to the right people

  • Help us to deliver outstanding customer support.

Tech stack

  • NodeJS

  • MySQL

  • React

  • GraphQL

  • Cypress

  • Google Cloud

  • Docker

You may also be occasionally asked to support legacy solutions developed with AngularJS, Loopback, and PHP.


  • GitHub

  • Slack

  • Codeship

  • Dropbox Paper

  • GMail

  • Intercom

  • Sentry

  • (And many more!)


  • Passionate and driven — about software development, and about life outside work

  • Excellent attention to detail, including a focus on delivering high-quality code that is easy to maintain and scale

  • 2+ years of JavaScript experience, working on production code

  • Experienced with SQL, HTML, CSS and automated testing

  • Experience with front-end libraries in production such as React, Vue, or Angular

  • Happy to work remotely

  • Based in a timezone that overlaps the working hours of team members in Sweden and India for at least a few hours each day.
    We will only accept applications in timezones from UTC -4 (New York) to UTC +6 (Dhaka). 

  • Due to local employment and/or international laws, we cannot currently employ people based in Brazil, France, North Korea or UAE.

  • Loves 'going the extra mile' to deliver outstanding work

  • Believes in and practices self-improvement / personal development

  • Keen and able to learn

  • Loves technology and figuring out how things work and helping others to do the same

  • Communicates clearly, in a friendly way

Beneficial, but not must-have:

  • Experience with NodeJS other similar frameworks, Git, automated build tools

  • Experience using a Mac for software development

  • Experience of working with people in HR / L&D / Talent development

What we’re offering

We strive to make Spidergap the best place to work.

We are doing this by being the best product in the market, building a great diverse team, encouraging great work-life balance (including taking lots of annual leave), being family-friendly, having fun, and maintaining a strong culture of continuous improvement (business and personally).

  • “Nowhere else compares! This is such an amazing company to work for.” — Pragyan (Engineering Team)

  • “This is the best work-week I have ever had. I love it here.” — Julia (Customer Success Team)

  • “I love how seriously people’s ideas are taken in this company and that’s something that a lot of people are starved of elsewhere.” — Daniel (Engineering Team)


  • Competitive salary. We calculate a competitive salary that represents the typical salary (50th percentile) for your role, experience and location. This is typically in the range of USD $40k–$98k / GBP £30k–£72k.

  • Profit share bonus, paid annually. Based on company profit and individual performance (reviewed throughout the year, not just at the end!). 

  • Work remotely. As long as your internet connection is excellent and you’re able to collaborate when needed, you’re free to work from any location you wish

  • Flexible working. You’ll need some set hours in which to collaborate with the team, but we’ll do our best to be flexible so you can support your family, friends and/or hobbies!

  • Annual all-staff meet-up. Previous locations: Iceland, Barcelona, Berlin

  • 40 days paid vacation inclusive of public holidays. We’ll make sure you take them!

  • 4 months paid maternity/paternity leave

  • Family-friendly work environment. Both co-founders work from home and have young children so we understand the challenges and what helps!

  • Health membership contribution. (that you can use to pay for the gym or equivalent)

  • Bring your own device contribution. We’ll make sure you have the equipment you need to work efficiently.

  • Pension contribution. Typically 10%, depending on country laws.

Please note that we're not currently hiring for this role, but are leaving this page up to give an idea of what we look for when we are — see this page for more details.

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