As a feedback provider, you may be asked to rate a person’s current performance and also rate where they should aim to perform in the future. This allows the feedback provider to give context, by suggesting where they’d like to see them performing in the future. 

The report the person receives will highlight the areas with the biggest gaps.

This will help the person being assessed to prioritize the areas that need the most improvement, rather than assume that the areas with lower current performance are the ones that need improvement.

So, when providing feedback, avoid assuming everything should be 5/5. Instead think both about where they are now, and where they should really be aiming for.


Using the example below, the feedback provider is asked for a score of 1 to 5 for both someone's current performance, and for their desired performance in 12 months' time.

So, they might feel like their colleague is currently a 2, but that a 2 is fine (i.e. No improvement needed):

Or perhaps they think they are currently a 2, but should really be aiming for a 5. (i.e. Significant improvement needed):

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