If you're using our new feedback report, we can support you in customizing the look and feel of your report. 

Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Add your logo

  • Update the front cover image

  • Update the colors

You can add a logo to your organization or to a specific project.

Find out how to add your logo

How to update the front cover image

You can contact our support team to replace the front-cover image. The ideal image size is 550px wide and 350px tall.

To ensure that the image is positioned correctly, you can use this template for placement.

You will probably want to position your own image in the same place as the 3 people in the example image. It's designed to be flexible: if you wish to provide a full page background image then that works too!

How to update the colors

The colors in the feedback report can be customized for each section, and for the improvement and performance scales.

The default colors are as follows:

Note that some colors may not be used in your feedback reports — it depends on your questionnaire and reports are set-up.

If you'd like to update the colors, then you can contact our support team

You'll need to provide a list of the new colors you wish to use. Please use this template to provide your colors.

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