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Improved feedback reports with translation support (Nov 2018)
Improved feedback reports with translation support (Nov 2018)
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We're rolling out an updated version of our industry-leading individual feedback reports!

With the updated report activated, you can now:

  • Translate your feedback report

  • Customize the help guidance

  • Update the look and feel, including the front-page image and colors

And that's not all — we've also:

  • Improved how anonymity is protected

  • Added a clearer view of who gave feedback

  • Made a number of other improvements to the standard report content.

Read on to find out more!

The updated report is now activated for all new projects. Find out how to activate the updated report in your existing project

Translate your feedback report

You can now translate your feedback reports into other languages.

To do this, simply:

  1. Go to your project Settings area

  2. Open the Languages tab

  3. Follow the instructions to download the Excel template and add your translation

Note: We do not currently support right-to-left languages (e.g. Arabic). If you need this, then please reach out to our team to help us prioritize adding support, and to make sure you are updated when support is added!

Customize the help guidance

The translation functionality provides another powerful feature: you can customize any of the text content within the report.

So if you wish to rename a section, or add some additional tips, this is now easy to do.

Update the look and feel

You can now:

  • Add your logo

  • Update the front cover image

  • Update the colors

Clearer view of who provided feedback

We've updated the first page of the report to make it clearer who gave feedback. This information was previously included in the first paragraph, but could easily be missed by someone skim-reading over the report.

Set a minimum number of responses

You may want to allow employees to compare the feedback given by different groups (e.g. line manager, peers, direct reports), but to only be able to do so if it protects the anonymity of the people giving feedback.

To do this — with our new feedback reports — we can configure a minimum number of responses required for each group.

For example:

  • Self-assessment: Always show

  • Line manager: Always show

  • Peers: Only show rating answers if 3+ responses; only show text answers if 5+ responses.

  • Direct reports: Only show rating answers if 3+ responses; only show text answers if 5+ responses.

Better small, medium and large improvement gaps

When comparing the views of different groups that provided feedback, the report shows the improvement required as small (green), medium (amber) or large (red):

For assessments that only looked at someone's current performance (and not their desired performance), then a score of 4.5 or higher would be needed for an area to be seen as a small gap. And a score of 3.5 or higher would be needed for it to be seen as a medium gap.

We agree with many of our customers that these boundaries should be a little lower. So we've updated the new reports so that a score of 4 or higher is seen as having a small gap, and a score of 3 or higher is seen as medium.

You can also customize these boundaries if you wish!

Improvements to the standard report content

We've made a number of smaller improvements to the content of the report.

These include:

  • We've removed the section "Why was each person asked to rate my desired performance?" from the first page of the report, as it proved distracting at this point and this point is separately explained on the first page of the appendix.

  • We've added a clearer description of how the desired improvement is calculated on the first page of the appendix. 

  • We no longer highlight negative scores where someone has a received a higher score for their current performance than their desired performance, as these could also prove to be a distraction. Negative scores are simply shown as 0 when reviewing the top areas to improve.

A few bug fixes

The new report also addresses a couple of issues with the old report: 

  • Reports sometimes wouldn't download first time: Quite frequently, participants would need to refresh the page to download the feedback report. This bug has now been fixed!

  • Page numbering could get out of sync in the index: In really long feedback reports, we occasionally saw the page numbers at the bottom of the report not being accurately reflected in the index. This bug has now been fixed!

Download a sample

You can download a sample of the improved and old reports below:

More to follow!

In the coming weeks, we'll be building on this release with a number of other improvements. 

Of particular note, we'll be adding support for a strengths-focused section. Get in touch if you're about to start your project and want to know more!

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