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See the top areas to improve on a single page (Nov 2018)
See the top areas to improve on a single page (Nov 2018)
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We've updated the Top areas to improve page so that it always fits onto one page, even if you have a lot of questions!

To achieve this miraculous feat, we'll only show as many questions we as we have room for, and then fade out the list at the bottom of the page.
As shown below!

We hope you like this change โ€” it should make easier to focus your review on the areas that need most attention!ย 

However, if you'd prefer to see all of the questions on this page, then let us know and we'll be happy to update your report.


  • This will only affect projects that have activated our new reports

  • This will only affect your questionnaire if you have a lot of questions (or long graph labels for your questions!)

  • The one-page view currently only applies to the list of top areas. The comparison of views page will still go onto multiple pages if needed.

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