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Use first names in your email templates (Jan 2019)
Use first names in your email templates (Jan 2019)
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We've updated our email templates so you can now reference participants by their first name!

When updating your email templates, you'll now see these new merge tags:

  • [First Name Of Approver]

  • [First Name Of Person Being Assessed]

  • [First Name Of Person Giving Feedback]

  • [First Name Of Report Reviewer]

  • [First Name Of Sender]

Here's how to add one into your email template:

When you send the email, the tag will be replaced by the participant's first name:

โ€‹Note: This feature relies on you saving your participant names with the first name at the start. For example, "Paddy Mann" and not "Mann, Paddy" or "P Mann".

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