We've revamped our feedback questionnaire to make it easier to use on all devices!

The updated questionnaire is now active for all new projects. Find out how to activate it for your existing projects

Clean and mobile-friendly

The updated interface is modern, crisp and a delight to use on any device!

Friendly and more helpful guidance

We've updated our standard template:

  • You'll see the name of the person you are assessing in the title and first paragraph. This is achieved with our new merge tags which you can use anywhere in your questionnaire.

  • We've provide more guidance on where respondents should focus their energy...

  • ... and we've included a link to a great guide on how to provide constructive feedback :)

Of course, all of this can be customized in the questionnaire designer.

Better inputs

We've made all of the inputs cleaner and easier to use.

Of particular note, the rating inputs now show a description of the score you are selecting!

Ready to use the new questionnaire?

If you create a new project with our standard template, it will now use the new questionnaire by default.

Find out how to update an existing project to use the new questionnaire

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