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Feedback automatically saved every 5 seconds (Feb 2019)
Feedback automatically saved every 5 seconds (Feb 2019)
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We've improved our feedback questionnaire so that answers are saved while the participant is still providing their feedback. 

This means participants can now choose to close the questionnaire and come back to finish it later, risk-free!

Here's how it works...

Step 1: The participant opens the questionnaire

When a participant opens the questionnaire, it will work as normal. 

The only difference is that we've updated our template for new projects to advise participants that their answers will be saved:

If you want to add this advice to an existing project, you can update your questionnaire in the questionnaire designer.

Step 2: The participant starts filling in some answers

As the participant fills in the questionnaire, their answers will automatically be saved every 5 seconds.

Step 3: The participant's web connection goes down!

We're not able to save the answers if the participant loses their web connection. 

So we show a message to let the participant know what's happening:

And of course, we'll also show a message when the connection returns:

Step 4: The participant realizes it's time for lunch and closes their laptop

Step 5: The participant returns to work and realizes they closed the questionnaire. So they reopen it.

When they reopen the questionnaire, they will be see instructions for how they can continue providing feedback:

They simply need to provide their email address and the invitation to provide feedback will be resent, with an updated link to provide feedback:

Step 6: The participant clicks on the new link and can continue providing their feedback!

It's that simple!

Please note, that the auto-save feature is only available in our new questionnaire (released in February 2019). Find out how to activate the new questionnaire

If you have any questions about the new questionnaire, auto-save, or anything else then don't hesitate to get in touch :)

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