Accessing the questionnaire

When you ask someone to provide feedback, we send them an email containing a unique link:

When they click on the link, they can immediately start providing feedback. No login is required!

Saving and continuing

As the participant starts to provide their feedback, we save all of their updates automatically. 

This means that they can close their browser window and come back to the questionnaire later in the day.

When they open the partly-completed questionnaire, they will be asked to provide their email address:

When they provide their email address correctly, we will send them a new link which will be active for 30 minutes. 

This 30 minute time out is a security measure. It greatly reduces the risk of a partly filled questionnaire being opened by someone else in the event of the email being accidentally shared or maliciously hacked.

Note: In rare cases, participants may find that emails do not arrive within 30 minutes. You can contact our support team to temporarily increase our time limit if needed.

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