We often get asked to sign a company's terms or fill in a lengthy procurement questionnaire.

More often that not, this is a big distraction to our small company, and isn't necessary as all of the key information you need is found on our site:

  • Our information for vendor registration documents help article contains our company, contact and bank details

  • When you sign up to Spidergap, you agree to our standard Terms of use - no further contracts are required as payment needs to be made in advance of downloading your feedback reports

  • Our Security Statement covers how we keep your data secure

  • Answers to other common questions are found in our Help center.

As a result, our policy is not to review lengthy questionnaires or legal agreements for purchases of less than $20,000 USD.

If there's anything you can't find from the above links, then send us a message with the specific questions that you can't find answers to, and we'll be happy to help!

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