We’ve started supporting subscriptions as an alternative to single use credits!

For most organizations, a subscription offers better value:

  • You get all of the same features and world-class support

  • You can reassess the same employees multiple times within a year, at no extra cost

  • If you need to increase the size of your subscription, you only pay for the difference between what you've already paid and the cost of the bigger subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any point. This means it's a better option even if you're just running a one-off exercise or a trial for now!

Does Spidergap still offer credits?

We understand that some of our customers are unable to get sign-off for an annual subscription, so we plan to continue offering single-use credits as an option.

To make it easier for us to monitor and support customers, credits purchased will now expire within 1 year (rather than 2 years).

If signing up for a subscription isn’t a concern for you, then we recommend starting a subscription instead.

How do I get started?

Find out:

Any questions? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help!

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