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Use merge tags in your feedback questionnaire (Feb 2019)
Use merge tags in your feedback questionnaire (Feb 2019)
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You can now include the following merge tags in your questionnaire:

[Name Of Person Being Assessed]

[First Name Of Person Being Assessed]

[Email Address Of Person Being Assessed]

[Name Of Person Giving Feedback]

[First Name Of Person Giving Feedback]

[Email Address Of Person Giving Feedback]

[Role Of Person Giving Feedback]

To add a merge tag, simply copy and paste one of the above tags into the questionnaire editor:

If everything is working, you'll see the merge tags replaced with example values in the questionnaire preview:

These values will then be replaced by the details of your real participants when you send out the invitations requesting feedback.

Note: Merge tags are only supported in our new questionnaire (released in January 2019). Find out how to activate the new questionnaire

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