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At Spidergap, we're fueled by passion and exceptional talent. We're continuing to scale up our successful SaaS business, and want to continue amazing our customers with our industry-leading product and best-in-class support.

But we're also focused on the quality-of-life of our team. As a profitable company without outside investment, we're able to support a healthy work-life balance.

Our values

We're looking for people who fit our values:

Focus on impact

We know our growth is dependent on increasing the value we deliver to customers.

We focus our energy on improvements that will make a real difference, with a desired outcome made clear up-front.

We expect everyone to understand why they are working on a particular activity or objective, and to be clear on how it will benefit the business and our customers.

Be proactive and dependable

Everyone can solve problems and remove blockers — both personally and for the company.

We are quick to raise issues and ideas, and to recommend next steps.

We make it easier for others to feel they can depend on us by being proactive in our communication and action.

Pay attention to detail

We believe the quality of everything we do is a competitive advantage.

We expect high attention-to-detail, whether it's in how we write an email, review our analytics, or design the prouct.

We delight in getting the details right, even in internal documents. High attention to detail isn’t something you turn on and off — it’s an attitude.

Always look to improve

We survive and grow by constantly looking for opportunities to improve our solutions, our processes and ourselves.

We own our mistakes, using them as an opportunity to learn what changes we should make to processes and tools.

We expect our people to proactively look for opportunities to develop and improve our own performance.

Enjoy the journey

We consider our health and families to be more important than work.

We ensure no-one feels that they are frequently required to work excessive hours.

We support each other in overcoming problems and achieving work and life goals. We’re positive and enthusiastic — helping everyone feel energized to take us to the next level.

We don’t pin our happiness on the attainment of a particular end goal. We delight in every step along the way.

Open positions

We're not hiring today, but expect to be hiring later in 2024 for the following positions:

  • Customer Success representative

  • Mid-level Software Engineer (JavaScript, NodeJS, React)

Interested in joining? Reach out to us at and we'll make sure that you're first to hear when we're next hiring.

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