We've recorded one of our demo webinars so you can watch it at your leisure! 

Note: We've made significant updates to Spidergap since this was recorded as we have a very active product team constantly releasing improvements. This video gives a general idea of how things work, but we highly recommend a live demo for a complete and accurate view of the current experience — and for the opportunity to answer the specific questions you'll inevitably have! Book your demo here.

You can find a list of the contents, including when each section starts, below the video.

In this webinar, we cover:

  1. Our background (00:00)
    The problems we found with other solutions
    Why we developed Spidergap as a result
    Where we're used
    Our partner network
    How we've become Capterra's top-rated 360° Feedback tool

  2. Our feedback reports (06:21)
    Why our feedback report will deliver a much bigger return-on-investment (ROI) compared to other tools
    How our feedback report works

  3. Tool overview (11:40)
    Customized questionnaire and rating scale
    Painless workflows
    User friendly and intuitive
    Easy to administer at any scale
    Your content and branding

  4. Pricing (18:19)
    What's included
    How much Spidergap costs

  5. Demo (22:36)
    Signing up (23:35)
    Creating your first project (24:30)
    Designing your questionnaire, email templates and reports (25:48)
    Collecting feedback (34:05)
    Sharing results (40:40)
    Adding colleagues as team members (43:47)
    Buying credits (44:20)

  6. Questions and answers (45:40)

What's next?

Well, that depends!

  • Want a closer look at that report? Download our sample report

  • Not yet signed up? Sign up and collect feedback for your first assessment completely free. There's no limitations or time-limits on your trial, and it's the best way to see how much value Spidergap can provide for your organization.

  • Planning to assess more than 25 people? If you'd like a call to discuss your challenges and ensure your project delivers results at scale, then you can arrange one here.

If you've still got any questions, then get in touch. Just click the blue button in the bottom-right of your screen and send us a message!

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