We allow you to test the tool out with your first credit for free. You can purchase additional credits (and see bulk discounts) at https://www.spidergap.com/pricing

What do we mean by 'credits'?

A credit is used when an individual is assessed by others in a questionnaire.

That individual can receive feedback from as many people as necessary — it will still only count as 1 credit.

If you assess the same individual, but in a different questionnaire (e.g. a Leadership 360 and then a Values 360) this will use additional credits. 

So, for example:

  • If you want to assess 100 managers using one questionnaire (e.g. 'Manager 360 Feb 2015') you'll need 100 credits.
  • If you want to assess 50 managers in one questionnaire 'Manager 360 Feb 2015', and 50 different managers in another questionnaire 'Manager 360 August 2015' you'd need 100 credits.
  • If you want to assess all 100 managers using both questionnaires ('Manager 360 Feb 2015' & 'Manager 360 August 2015'), then you would need 200 credits. To keep your costs down, we recommend our subscription pricing (instead of credits) when assessing people more than once a year.

Note: Credits must be used within 2 years of purchase. Any unused credits are non-refundable.

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