Yes, with Spidergap you can opt for people to identify the feedback providers themselves.

  1. Go to the 'Collect Feedback' page of your project, and click Add people.

  2. We highly recommend you use our 'bulk upload' feature to efficiently identify who will be assessed.

  3. When doing the bulk upload you'll see you are able to identify whether the employee will identify their own feedback providers or not. (Select Yes):

When you send the invitations, the process will then work as follows:

  • Invitations are sent to employees asking them to identify feedback providers

  • Employees click on the link in the email, taking them to a page where they can identify the names, emails, and relationships of people who they want to provide feedback about them

  • Once submitted, invitations are sent to feedback providers requesting their feedback

  • Feedback providers click a link in the email to go to a survey page to provide their feedback.

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