There are a few possible reasons why Spidergap emails may not have been received by participants:

  1. Sending delay: There is often a delay between the email being sent and it being received. This delay can vary in length (even for emails sent at the same time), though we would expect all emails to be received within 60 minutes.

  2. Bounced emails: The email may 'bounce'. This typically happens because of a typo in the email address, or because of strict rules set by an organization's IT department. You will be notified of any bounces (including the reason why each email bounced).

  3. Other issues: The email may appear to be delivered successfully (so you will not receive a notification from the Spidergap team), but there could still be an issue that causes it not to be delivered successfully.

How to make sure future emails arrive

If the email was sent over 60 minutes ago, and you have not received a bounce notification, then we recommend the following steps:

  1. Check the email address used was correct and did not contain any typos.

  2. Ask the participants to check their Spam folders. If the email is in their Spam folder, then pass this information onto your IT team in step (3)

  3. Work with your IT team to find out what happened to the emails, and why it has been blocked. Your IT team should whitelist our email servers if they haven't already - we have instructions here.

  4. If the participant is not using your company's email address, ask them to review this with their own IT team. If they are using a public service such as Gmail, they should add to their Safe Senders / Contacts list.

How to help participants while email issues are still being resolved

We understand that it can take time for an IT team to review what's happened and help to resolve the issue. 

In the meantime, you can find the unique link that each participant needs to use and provide it to them outside of Spidergap.

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