Invitations are sent by email and it's possible that emails are not seen because:

  • Your IT team may have set up security software that blocks our emails or results in the emails being marked as spam

  • The participant may accidentally delete the email

  • The participant may not see the email due to the volume of emails received

  • The participant may not see the email due to not checking their inbox (e.g., if they are on holiday or maternity leave).

To try and ensure that participants do receive and view your emails, we recommend:

  1. In advance of your project, ask your IT team to follow our guidance on how to whitelist our servers. This should ensure that our emails are not blocked or marked as spam.

  2. Ensure everyone is aware that the project is taking place. You could send a separate email in advance and/or arrange a webinar. Make sure participants are aware of your deadlines.

  3. Send the invitations. If the emails bounce, then you will be alerted automatically.

  4. Send regular reminders

  5. If people do not respond to the reminders and the deadline is approaching, you may wish to contact participants by another channel (e.g., phone).

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