Sometimes a participant might accidentally delete an invitation to provide feedback, or not receive it due to some issue with their mail.

Resending individual emails

To resend an email:

1.  Open the Participants page (within the Feedback section)

2. Find the person being assessed and click on their name. The image below shows doing this for 'John Smith'

3.  Find the person providing feedback and click the View button to view the email

4.  Copy and paste the email into your email editor and send it to the feedback provider. There isn't currently a button for you to resend it within Spidergap, but that's something we're planning to add soon!

Resending emails in bulk

If you need to resend a lot of emails, it may be quicker to use the Send reminders feature, or to export progress of participants to Excel and extract their email addresses and the links they need to use from there.

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