You can use our Excel template with Google Spreadsheets to upload participant data.

However, you do need someone with a copy of Excel to do one 10 second-job - see step 4 below - we can do this step for you if you wish!

To use Google Spreadsheets:

  1. Download the Excel template as normal

  2. In Google Sheets, upload the Excel template. This will open and work in the same way as Excel.

  3. When ready, export the spreadsheet back to Excel format by clicking File > Download as > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

  4. Unfortunately, if you upload it now, the uploader will complain that it isn't a valid Excel file. However, if you ask someone who has Excel installed to simply open and save the file, it will then work to upload it! You can email it to us ( to do this step for you if you want!

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