We've decided not to include an overall score in the report as:

  • An overall score doesn't tell you what you need to prioritize and doesn't give any insight into what you should be considered in your personal development plan

  • An overall score will lead to people comparing each other's scores rather than concentrating on the primary goal of most 360s i.e. personal development

  • If the person doesn't have enough time to do more than look at an 'overall score', then they shouldn't be part of a 360 exercise. They need to properly review their results and come up with an actionable plan, else the whole exercise is wasted (including the time spent by each of the feedback providers!)

  • Our report is designed to give you the information that you do need to create an actionable plan. It starts with the top 5 strengths and areas to improve which is the key takeaway if you are just glancing at your report before sitting down to review it later

However, an overall score may be of interest to other parties doing team or company-wide analysis. This data can be extracted from our Excel data export.

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