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Manage bounce notification emails (Dec 2022)
Manage bounce notification emails (Dec 2022)
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When running a project with Spidergap it’s important all the email invitations are received by the participants.

Sometimes, even when the IT team has completed the whitelisting steps, there are still mistakes or issues which result in an email bouncing. When this email bounces, Spidergap sends a notification to administrators to let them know.

You can now manage which administrators on a project level should receive these notifications. With this notification, they can fix the issue with just a couple of clicks.

As a result, fewer people will be notified unnecessarily, and you get control over who should be informed.

The person managing these requests will receive the notification and use a direct link from that message to correct the email address and get it re-sent immediately.

To take a look at where and how to manage these notifications, open your project in Spidergap:

  1. Head to Settings > Project team - here, you will see who is currently receiving the notifications

  2. Click on any team member to make changes using the tick box

  3. Update team member

The notification email has been redesigned with clear and actionable next steps to correct an email address:

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