At Spidergap, all new projects are created with our best-practice questionnaire template. 

We have designed and validated our template in collaboration with over 100 behavioral psychologists, HR directors, managers and employees. It’s now been tested by thousands of companies and in well over 100,000 assessments. 

You can use our template out-of-the-box (and many customers do), or better yet you can customize it to use the behaviors that your organization values. 

What does it mean for the questionnaire to be validated?

We measure the validity of a 360 Feedback questionnaire based on following criteria:

  • Each behavior can be observed

  • Each behavior can be trained

  • The behaviors do not overlap

  • The behaviors are based on skills that research has shown are correlated with actual job performance

  • The behaviors and rating scale, combined with free-text questions, enable someone receiving feedback to prioritize a small number of specific areas in which to focus their personal development

We’ve validated our best-practice template against these criteria, and encourage you to do the same when customizing the questionnaire for your organization.

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