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Using Spidergap: FAQs
Using Spidergap: FAQs

Answers to all the common questions we get about using Spidergap. Confused by something? Start here!

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How to customize your 360° Feedback questionnaire, emails and report (video)
How to run a 360˚ Feedback project in Spidergap (video)
How to collect 360 Feedback (video)
How to view and share 360 Feedback results (video)
How the feedback impact survey works

What are the options for customization of the questionnaire and reports?
How to combine Role groups (Peers, Direct reports, and others) in individual feedback reports.
How to use advanced options in a questionnaire
How to get consent to use the feedback data
How to create a Privacy Policy for your 360° Feedback project
Can we brand our questionnaire / report?
Can I print a copy of the questionnaire?
How to add your logo
How to edit the rating scale
How to display the rating scale in the feedback questionnaire
How do I include an N/A option in the rating scale?
How to update your project to use the new questionnaire (released in Feb 2019)
How to use merge tags in your feedback questionnaire
How to modify the relationship groups
Can I just get feedback on current performance?
How to add or remove the desired performance rating scale
What do the error messages mean when I’m editing the details of a participant?
How do I edit reminders and other email templates?
How do I format the text in my email templates?
Can I set up an assessment in my language?
Can I set the 'desired performance' as an administrator?
Can I use different questionnaires for different types of feedback provider?
Can we use more than one rating scale in the same feedback questionnaire?
Can we ask feedback providers to rate the importance of each behavior?
Can we include all the people being assessed in a single questionnaire?
Do you have a question bank?
Has your questionnaire template been validated?
How to customize which sections are included in the 360 Feedback report
Can we white label Spidergap?
How does the reply-to address work?
How to protect the anonymity of feedback providers
How to use merge tags
How to update HTML content on the language settings page

How quickly can I send out invitations to collect 360 feedback?
How to send a feedback reminder to one person
Who can identify feedback providers for the person being assessed?
Can I get the people being assessed to identify their own feedback providers?
Can I identify feedback providers for the people being assessed myself?
Can I get someone to approve the feedback providers after an employee has selected them?
What is an approver?
Can I ask feedback providers to choose their relationship to the person being assessed?
Can I upload participant details using an Excel file?
How to invite participants with the same name
How do I view the invitation and reminder emails that were sent?
How can I make sure invitations have been received?
Can I resend an invitation to provide feedback?
How do I support participants who do not have an email address?
What happens if I enter the wrong email address when sending invitations?
Can I set a deadline for people providing feedback?
Can I see the links that participants need to use to provide feedback?
How do I update relationships of people providing feedback?
Can I use the same email address for multiple people?
Can I delete an employee assessment from a project?
Can participants edit their feedback after submitting it?
Can I collect responses offline using pen and paper?
Why aren't participants receiving emails?
How will respondents know whether they have submitted feedback successfully?
How to delete a response to an assessment
How can I send reminders?
How do I update participant information (e.g. email address)?
How can I delete an invitation to provide feedback?
How do I add more feedback providers to someone who is already being assessed?
How do I add more participants?
Can I change individual responses (e.g. fix typos, remove overly negative language etc.)?
Can employees trigger their own 360 assessments? (self-service)
Who are emails to participants sent from?
How collecting feedback after sharing a feedback report can affect anonymity
How do I close an assessment?
How do I reopen an assessment?
Can we reuse the same email address for a different participant?
Can the person being assessed update their list of feedback providers?
How do we fix it if someone gives feedback about the wrong person?
What's the best number of rating scale options?
How can I identify people who have received too many requests for feedback?

How are the top 5 strengths and areas to improve calculated?
How to share the individual 360 feedback reports
How do I export my 360 group results into a PowerPoint or Word file?
How to view individual responses to the 360 feedback assessment
What do the small, medium and large areas for improvement represent?
Is sharing individual 360 reports via the 'Share reports' button safe?
How to filter the group results
Can I add multiple choice questions that can be used to filter group results?
Can I compare the results of this 360 to the previous one?
Why isn't there an 'overall' score in the individual report?
How can I prioritize which employees need the most support?
Why are some role groups (eg. Direct reports) not showing on the individual reports?
How to see how many people from each group have provided feedback
Can I use different report designs for different people?
Can we benchmark our results against industry norms?
How can I calculate and compare average scores (or 'norms')?
Can we use the results for our performance appraisals?
Can we group together the results into more general areas/competencies?
How should the strengths be used?
Can I export the 360 feedback data to Excel?
How should I use the line graphs in the group results?
Should I include the spidergraph in our individual feedback report?
How to use group results to perform a Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
How do n/a answers appear in the feedback reports?
How to download all of the feedback reports for your project
Can we remove our administrator access to the individual feedback responses?
Can we use demographic data to filter the group results? (e.g. by location or job role)
How can I see which feedback reports have been shared and downloaded?
How to customize your report look and feel
How do I activate the new feedback reports?
Which languages are supported?