When sending a large volume of emails requesting 360 feedback, there's a risk that these emails will look suspicious and be blocked.

To avoid problems proactively, and to tackle any delivery issues you've had, we recommend whitelisting our servers.

Whitelisting is a straightforward process for your IT team, so it's probably easiest to forward this page to them.

Emails sent from the Spidergap app

Currently all emails to participants are sent from the following IP:

All emails will be sent from the email address app@spidergap.com (with the sender name and reply-to field set to the name and email address of the Spidergap account holder).

These emails include, for example, invitations to provide feedback, reminders to do so, and so on.

Links to the Spidergap site

If you have security software that checks whether any links in emails lead to malicious sites (e.g. Outlook SafeLinks), then you should whitelist the spidergap.com domain. Microsoft provide guidance on how to whitelist domains in Outlook SafeLinks.

This is needed because the Spidergap site provides participants with single-use links. If your security software opens the link, then the participant will not be able to access the page.

Emails sent from our support team

We send emails from our support team using a separate system. Your IT team should also whitelist all emails from @spidergap.com and @mail.intercom.io to ensure these are not blocked.

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