What's the best day to send out invitations?
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This is a great question, and one we figured that some of the big generic survey tools must have already answered.

So we did some Googling, and found... a lot of disagreement!

  • SurveyMonkey says the best day to send invitations is Monday

  • CheckMarket also says Monday

  • But TypeForm says Tuesday to Thursday!

To settle this, we took a deep dive into our data. 

We reviewed almost half a million feedback requests, and found:

  • The best days are Tuesdays, Thursday or Fridays

  • Avoid the weekends - Saturday was the worst day, followed by Sunday

  • Mondays also get a lower response rate - around 75% compared to over 80% on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.

The best day to send out invitations for your project may well be different. You'll
also want to consider:

  • Are there any reasons that a lot of people might be off work or unable to check email? (e.g. because of holidays or training)

  • Are there any other announcements, deadlines, or other distractions that could make this a bad day to send out the invitations?

Of course, the day that you send the original invitation is only one factor in getting a high response rate. 

To get the best response rate for your project, check out our guide: How to get a 99% response rate

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