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How to run a successful 360° Feedback project
How to run a large-scale 360° Feedback project (PDF ebook)
How to run a large-scale 360° Feedback project (PDF ebook)

We've got an awesome ebook packed with advice on how to run a successful large-scale 360 project.

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Big projects lead to big challenges.

With a small group - say up to 30 - it’s possible to build a relationship with
everyone participating. This makes it easier to spot issues and react to
any concerns.

When we scale up to 100s of participants, this isn’t possible anymore.
And if we’re not careful, the administrative tasks will take up all of our
time. If you’re lucky, the project will finish on schedule, and everyone will
have received feedback. But will they have felt a positive impact?

With modern tools like Spidergap, it really is possible to manage 1000s
of participants, and to ensure your 360° Feedback project is a success for
everyone involved!

We’ve created an awesome ebook to help you to:

  • Stay focused on the goal (page 3)

  • Get a 99% response rate (page 7)

  • Automate and delegate (page 14)

  • Tackle big changes with small trials (page 18)

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