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How to run a successful 360° Feedback project
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How to review individual 360 Feedback as a group to get even more impact
How to review individual 360 Feedback as a group to get even more impact

You can increase the impact of your 360 by encouraging people to review it as a team

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Once employees have been sent their results, and have reviewed their individual feedback, they should have:

  • A good understanding of their top areas for improvement, and

  • A personal development plan (PDP) that sets out what actions they plan to take.

One way to increase the impact of the 360 exercise is to encourage teams to review the feedback and personal development plans as a group. This will help them to:

  1. Identify what additional resources or actions would help overcome common areas for improvement

  2. Find colleagues that have strengths they could learn from

  3. Get other suggestions for actions to take that will get a better or faster result

  4. Encourage colleagues to help each other over the coming weeks and months

An example group feedback review

There are a number of ways you could organize and run a group session. Below, we describe one approach which you could adapt for your organization.

In advance of the session:

  1. Schedule a group session for least 1 hour for a group of 3-5 people, or 2 hours for 6-10 people.

  2. Encourage people to get clear on their PDP, including: top strengths, top areas to improve, and top 3 actions they will take (and be ready to share them)

  3. Review the group results to identify 2-5 common areas for improvement, and identify existing resources (e.g. upcoming training courses) that may help with these

  4. Share an attendee list and agenda for the group review session so people are clear on what to expect (you can use the list below as an agenda)

During the session:

1. Introduce the objectives of the session

2. Take 15-20 minutes as group to:

  • Review the common areas for improvement using the group results from your 360 project

  • Review what resources already exist to help address these areas

  • Brainstorm what additional resources or actions would help overcome the common areas for improvement

  • Agree next steps and owners (e.g. John to ask HR to look for a new training course on written communication that has better coverage of social media)

3. Give each attendee the opportunity to get input on their PDP from the group:

Give them 2 minutes to share with a summary of their feedback and PDP with group:

  • Their top 1-2 strengths

  • Their top 1-2 areas to improve

  • The top 3 actions they plan to take

Invite everyone else to take 3 minutes to give suggestions:

  • Who has strengths in areas that they are looking to improve

  • Alternative actions that may get the desired results more quickly

For example, John shares that he is strong in data analysis and wants to improve his presentation skills:

  • Wendy makes a note to follow-up with `John as she wants to improve her data analysis skills.

  • Kyan suggests that John could join him on a presentation skills course he's attending next week. 

  • Sophie recommends a book she found really helpful. 

  • Tom suggests John could work with him on the next budget presentation.

4. Conclude the session by asking each attendee to share:

  • One key thing they learned from the session

  • One person they plan to reach out to for help

  • One key action they will take

After the session:

  1. Immediately share the list of agreed actions and how/when these will be next reviewed

  2. After 1-2 weeks, remind people to connect with each other and help each other to succeed

  3. After 6-12 weeks, ask people to share an update on their progress, and encourage everyone to provide suggestions, tips and offer help

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