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When should I create a separate organization for my projects?
When should I create a separate organization for my projects?
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Within Spidergap, we give you the flexibility to act as an administrator for multiple organizations, and to manage multiple projects within each organization.

Benefits of a single organization

Managing projects within a single organization allows you to:

  • View and manage participants across multiple projects

  • Manage administrator permissions across multiple projects

  • Turn on "auto-complete" for employees choosing feedback providers

  • In future, we expect to roll out various features at the organization level, such as online Personal Development Plans.

If you'd like to give an administrator access to a specific project, you can do this via the appropriate Project settings page.

Benefits of multiple organizations

However, you will need to create a separate organization for your project(s) if you want to:

  • Turn on "auto-complete" for people choosing feedback providers, but with a different list of participants than for other projects

  • Enable an administrator to manage billing, without being able to see other purchases that have been made

  • Make purchases that can be used by some projects but not others

  • Enable administrator(s) to self-manage their projects and organization settings (e.g. changing logo etc) without it affecting other projects.

If you are unsure of the best solution for your needs, please get in touch!

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