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How to demonstrate the impact of your 360° Feedback project to senior stakeholders
How to demonstrate the impact of your 360° Feedback project to senior stakeholders
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360° Feedback can be incredibly valuable to employees, managers and leaders but this value can sometimes be tricky to measure.

Here's how to make sure that your 360° Feedback project delivers value, and that everyone is clear on the impact it has had.

Define your success criteria

If you don’t set measures of success before running your 360° Feedback project, you’ll find it hard to evaluate whether the project has been a success at the end. This can lead to senior stakeholders questioning the value of the process, and whether it should be done again in the future.

We’d recommend setting criteria similar to these:

  • The number of people receiving feedback this year will be __

  • All of the people receiving feedback will receive a self-assessment, a response from their line manager, and feedback from 3 or more others.

  • 70% of all feedback requests receive a response. While the previous metric is more important for the people receiving feedback, the response rate is a great measure of engagement.

  • 80% of the people receiving feedback see the process as valuable.

Be realistic when setting your success criteria. For example, when specifying how many people will get feedback this year, remember that it's likely that some people will not able to participant due to holidays or illness.

Share the goals and set expectations

Share the goals you’ve set with your stakeholders, and set the expectation that the process won't be 100% perfect first time round — you will need to improve it over time.

Make sure the senior stakeholders agree with the targets so their expectations are set. Even better, find out which of the goals is most important to them and make this your top priority.

Get feedback from participants after the project

After the project, run a survey to find out how it went. 

Our 2 question post-project Impact Survey takes less than a minute to fill in. This will help you identify what went well and what could be improved in the future.

Share your findings with stakeholders

The results of your post-project survey will help you evaluate the impact of your 360˚ Feedback project, so that you can demonstrate the value to senior stakeholders. 

You may also find it useful to review our guide on how to run a successful 360° Feedback project, to help identify how to improve future 360˚s.

We recommend sharing a simple summary report with your organization’s stakeholders that covers how you performed vs. the criteria for success, what worked well, and what you’ll work on improving. 

Here is an example of a summary report we produced for a client:

Need help with supporting your senior stakeholders?

Please contact us if you'd like us to support your post-project survey for your project (at no extra cost!)

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