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Does Spidergap have a business continuity / disaster plan?
Does Spidergap have a business continuity / disaster plan?
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Yes - keeping Spidergap secure and operational is our top priority, and we've planned for the worst-case scenarios.

In summary:

  • The site and all data is backed up regularly and stored in 3 different, securely encrypted locations

  • Staff are based in 2 or more locations for 95 percent of the time

  • All processes and critical tasks / systems are documented and reviewed by another member of the team

  • All communication, tasks and processes can be performed from anywhere that we establish a good internet connection

  • We use 4 different methods of communication to cope when one or more stop working

  • In the event of a disaster, we have pre-agreed lines of communication to diagnose the situation and impact, plan how to resolve any resulting issues, update all impacted parties (including site users) and take appropriate action

In addition, our hosting provider has their own business continuity plans which are protected via NDA.

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