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How to use the 360 feedback report in a feedback-review meeting with the employee
How to use the 360 feedback report in a feedback-review meeting with the employee
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As you collect feedback about an employee, their 360 feedback report is automatically generated online. 

We recommend that you give the opportunity for the employee to have a 1-2-1 review meeting with a coach or line manager to discuss the results and support the development of their personal development plan. 

Below, we provide guidance on how to prepare, conduct and follow-up from this meeting.

Prepare for the feedback-review

Plan when and how feedback will be delivered:

  • Will the report be sent in advance? 

  • Will the content of the report be checked by HR / line manager before it is shared with the employee?

  • When will the line manager / coach meet with the individual to review the feedback?

  • How will you communicate the above to the employee?

  • What should the employee aim to achieve using the feedback? *(E.g. Develop personal development plan for next 6 months)*

  • What will the role of the coach / line manager be? *(E.g. Ask questions only / Suggest actions etc)*

  • Will the coach / line manager see the feedback in advance, and what is expected of this review?

  • Will the coach / line manager have access to details of development resources that they can share with the employee?

Conduct the feedback session

Normally, the aim of the 360 feedback review session is to develop a plan of action that the employee can take to further their personal and career development. See video: The REAL goal of the feedback-review (360 Academy)

As a result, the employee and coach should aim to:

  1. Focus on identifying just 2-3 areas to improve

  2. Use the 5 whys to diagnose the root causes (check this video on the 5 whys!)

  3. Spend more time on the plan than reviewing the feedback

  4. Find more than one solution to each area to improve

  5. Plan how to 'make it happen'

You can read more about each of these steps here: Turn Feedback into Action (T&D Insight's Blog)

Follow-up after the review meeting

There are many ways in which the organization and the line manager / coach can support the employee in delivering against their personal development plan. You can see some suggestions in this video: Make Sure Employees Take Action (360 Academy)

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