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Product updates

Discover the latest Spidergap product updates: Enhancements to our 360-degree feedback tool and services for improved performance and user experience!

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Single sign-on (SSO) now supported (July 2023)
Send Individual reminders (Apr 2023)
Enhancements to uploading participants in bulk (March 2023)
High-level video walkthrough added to the Overview page (Feb 2023)
ISO 27001 Certification (Jan 2023)
Manage bounce notification emails (Dec 2022)
Add relationship groups and export fixes (Nov 2022)
Easier payments and clearer Billing contacts (Oct 2022)
New way to sort projects (Sept 2022)
Rating scale improvements, better feedback sorting and a new email template (March 2022)
Project design and settings updated (July 2021)
Introducing Spidergap plans and licenses (May 2022)
Translate your questionnaires, reports and emails in the site (May 2020)
360° Feedback project checklist with step-by-step guidance (April 2020)
Remote Worker Well-being assessment: Find out how your employees are coping, and take action (March 2020)
Review the impact of your 360° Feedback projects (Jan 2020)
3D Secure protection for payments (Sep 2019)
Moving our servers to Google Cloud (Apr 2019)
Feedback automatically saved every 5 seconds (Feb 2019)
Use merge tags in your feedback questionnaire (Feb 2019)
A modern and mobile-friendly questionnaire (Feb 2019)
Use first names in your email templates (Jan 2019)
Add or remove the desired performance scale (Jan 2019)
See the top areas to improve on a single page (Nov 2018)
A better rating scale for new projects (Nov 2018)
Better guidance for employees reviewing their feedback reports (Nov 2018)
Add a strengths-focused section to your feedback reports (Nov 2018)
Improved feedback reports with translation support (Nov 2018)