Explore Additional Services and Support Provided by Spidergap

Looking for additional help or support with your 360º feedback projects? See what Spidergap can offer

At Spidergap, we're committed to partnering with you to make sure your 360° Feedback projects deliver real value for everyone involved.

As part of our standard support, and at no extra cost, we can help you:

  • Plan your 360° Feedback project
    Organizations get the best results from 360˚ feedback when they’ve defined what success looks like and address key obstacles upfront. We've developed a 360 planning checklist to help you plan the process, and we’re available to discuss your goals and set the initial scope. 

  • Review your customizations (to avoid common issues!)
    While we provide best-practice questionnaire and report templates as a great starting point, we encourage you to customize these for your own organization and values. To make sure your customizations deliver the value you expect, we have a team of experts ready to review your project and recommend improvements.

  • Review the impact and plan improvements for future projects
    We can help you evaluate the impact of your 360° Feedback project, so that you can demonstrate the value to senior stakeholders, and help identify how to improve future 360s at Spidergap.

Optional extras

If you’d prefer to leave nothing to chance, Spidergap can provide further services for an additional cost, delivered by 360° Feedback specialists:

  • Values and behaviors workshops
    We can help your leadership team to identify the most important values and behaviors that lead to personal and organizational success.
  • Managed Feedback Service
    Online administration done-for-you, including sending invitations and reminders, amending typos in email addresses, and reporting on progress.

  • Awareness Briefings
    Briefing sessions available for participants, managers and senior stakeholders with Q&A, delivered live online (with a recording made available for those that can’t attend).

  • Training for Managers
    Workshop with managers to train them on how to deliver effective feedback reviews and regular 1-2-1s.

  • Coaching
    1-2-1 feedback review and follow-up coaching sessions with a professional coach.

  • Training Needs Analysis
    Workshop with your L&D and/or leadership team to review common gaps across the organization and plan next steps, including how to address them via training, coaching and on-the-job support.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services (including costs), please contact support@spidergap.com