Learn the Story Behind the Name "Spidergap"

Spidergap began life as a feedback tool that compared the current performance and desired performance of an individual or team, to make it easy to identify which areas needed the most improvement.

This technique is called gap analysis. And we used this powerful spidergraph visual when sharing the results from a survey.

As you may have worked out, we cleverly combined the words Spider and gap into... Spidergap!

Since 2013, we've been focusing 100 percent on supporting 360 Degree Feedback. We still use gap analysis as it's a fantastic way of helping individuals to prioritize their personal development. But we don't make a big thing of gap analysis in our marketing because... well, it sounds complicated and we have better ways to describe what we do!

We've also dropped the spidergraph from our individual feedback reports. While many coaches and HR staff love it, we found that about half the employees we showed it to found it confusing. And this distracted them from the end goal - prioritizing areas for improvement, making a plan, and taking action.

We've kept the name as it reminds us that it's really important to take action based on feedback, even if it means changing something you initially thought was a strength.

We do still use the spidergraph. You'll find it in the group results and there's still an option to add it to your individual reports as well!