Discover the Benefits of the Spidergap Partner Program

Find out how we can support your sales, marketing, training and networking as part of our 360° Feedback Partner Program

Over a quarter of Spidergap users are consultants and coaches supporting their clients with 360° Feedback.

As a consultant or coach, we want to help you deliver exceptional value to your customers. And we want to help make your business a success.

That's why the Partner Program exists. It's our way of giving you the right tools, support and marketing to help you succeed.

Benefits of the Partner Program

A new sales and marketing channel

  • We'll share your services and customer testimonials on our site (see our partner directory and an example partner page)

  • We’ll direct organizations to you when their need and geography match your services

  • We'll alert you to relevant tender opportunities, and will work with you to help you win the projects

  • And we'll actively encourage customers to engage with you at the points at which they could benefit most from support.

Co-branded marketing resources

  • We'll provide you with co-branded marketing resources you can share with your customers (example ebook)

  • And we’ll support your wider marketing efforts as a certified Spidergap partner. For example, we've provided materials and collaborated on co-branded webinars.

Coaching and networking

  • We’ll provide coaching using our experienced team of entrepreneurs and management consultants on how to grow your 360 Feedback business

  • We'll be happy to give recommendations on how to deliver more value to more customers, and to work with you to deliver on this

  • And we’ll give your access to a worldwide network of CEOs with similar businesses.

Discounts for you and your customers

  • We'll give you a 15% discount that you can pass onto your customers (if desired!)

  • To first qualify for the discount, you just need at least 2 reviews from your customers submitted to Spidergap, directly and honestly.

  • To keep the discount after your first 12 months, ensure you've had at least 1 additional customer review submitted in the past 12 months.

Testimonials from existing partners

"The support through the Spidergap partner program is amazing. Far beyond the tool, I’ve been helped to identify the biggest priorities for my business and how to achieve these more easily. For example, I got great advice around pricing & packaging my services, how to get new clients, and how to avoid traps that many other day-rate trainers & coaches fall into."- Shaun Beck, Inspire-Ignite Talent Development 

Interested in joining the Spidergap Partner Program?

You can join the partner program in 4 simple steps:

  1. Schedule a demo if you haven't already had one. On the demo, we'll cover our company background, why customers use Spidergap, and how to get the most out of the tool.

  2. Run your first project using Spidergap to fully experience it. Our world-class support will be there to help at every step.

  3. Set-up a project review call and get onboarded as a partner. Once you've had a demo and completed your first project, get in touch with us and we can set up a call to discuss your experience and — assuming everything went well — bring you onboard as a Spidergap partner!