Our customers choose Spidergap for:

  • Our incredible feedback reports (we worked with over 150 HR leaders, managers and employees to design reports that are easy to understand and use)

  • User-friendliness and the ability to customize

  • Fantastic support

  • Pricing that works at any scale.

As a result:

  • We're used in 134 countries by companies in every sector and industry

  • We have a growing network of Spidergap Partners providing consultancy, coaching and training around the world

  • We're the top-rated 360 Feedback tool on Capterra (a third-party site owned by Gartner)

In the words of Jerie Shaw from Shopify, "I was looking for a 360 feedback solution. I tried 10 tools, and all of them sucked except Spidergap, which was amazing".

We've got a great slide pack that goes into more detail on our background, how Spidergap is different to other solutions, and how it'll help you to get results with 360 Feedback. You can download it here.

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