If you are reviewing a feedback report and find that some role groups are missing from the How different groups rated your top strengths / areas to improve pages, it may be due to your project’s anonymity settings.

Feedback providers are organized into role groups which have anonymity settings applied to them. To see the groups used in your project:

  • Click on Design on the left-hand menu bar

  • Select the Reports tab

  • Scroll down to the Comparison of responses section at the bottom of the page

The anonymity settings (shown below) determine which groups will show up on the person being assessed’s report.

Combining rating question answers with other groups if fewer than 3 responses helps protect the identity of the feedback providers in these role groups. Less than 3 could make it easier for anyone reviewing the report to work out the identity of the feedback providers in that role group.

What you can do next:

  • Just wait for more feedback to be received (and perhaps send reminders)

  • Check who has responded and consider adding more people to provide feedback

  • Change the anonymity settings for the project (note, this will affect all reports in the project).

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