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Introducing Spidergap plans and licenses (May 2022)
Introducing Spidergap plans and licenses (May 2022)
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We’re excited to announce the launch of plans and licenses to all our customers.

Whether customers are getting started with a small number of employees or deploying at scale across the organization, plans and licenses will simplify the experience.

Effective 16 May 2022, all customers can purchase a Basic, Pro, or Business plan with the ability to:

  • Collect a full 12 months of unlimited feedback for each employee based on their first assessment.

  • Choose to pay upfront or be billed monthly for actual usage.

  • Rollover unused employee licenses to future years when you renew.

  • Full access to our award-winning support. We’re with you at every step to make your project a success!

You can find additional pricing and feature information here.

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