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Single sign-on (SSO) now supported (July 2023)
Single sign-on (SSO) now supported (July 2023)

Sign in via your SAML 2.0 gateway

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We’re excited to share that Spidergap now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for users on a Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan.

You can now allow all your users to sign in via your SAML 2.0 gateway.

Activating this means you will:

  • Have centralized control over who accesses your systems

  • Be able to enforce better password policies

  • Eliminate password fatigue for your team

  • Boost productivity with fast log-ins and fewer lost passwords

  • Reduce the threat of data breaches by moving ID/authentication data off-premises

Setting this up is super easy. You provide us with your domain details, API URL and certificate. In return, we will supply you with a callback URL and issuer details. And that's it!

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