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Invite Participants with Identical Names

Occasionally, you may have two individual participants with identical first and last names

When kicking off a project with Spidergap, you will upload your participant details using an Excel file to send out your email invitations.

If you have one person with two email addresses, you should use one email address consistently in the Excel file to ensure that tasks are not duplicated.

Occasionally, you may have two people with the same name and see an error that asks you to correct the names to be unique.

To ensure each person has a unique name, you can update them by adding identifiable information. For example, you could add a suffix (like Jr.), a middle name, or the name of the department the person works in.

Here are some examples of how you could update the names to make them unique:

  • John James & John James Jr.

  • John James & John (Jesse) James

  • John James (Marketing) & John James (Finance)

Following these guidelines will make it easier for everyone using Spidergap to know exactly who they refer to. This can help ensure clarity and ensure feedback is provided for the correct person.