Learn About Spidergap's Company Background

Find out how and why Spidergap was started, and what's happened since then!

Spidergap was founded by Alexis Kingsbury and Paddy Mann - two former management consultants - in 2010.

We set out to develop a tool that would:

  • Help customers to collect feedback from those they worked with

  • Let customers review the feedback, prioritize the issues to tackle, and develop a plan of action without the need for consultants

  • Result in the customers taking real action that had a real impact on their performance and happiness.

Initially, Spidergap wasn't geared towards 360 Degree Feedback - instead we aimed to help helping business leaders to review the performance of their team or organization. This was where we had most experience, and a network of potential customers to work with.

We actually thought that we'd struggle to get customers for a 360 Degree Feedback tool, as there's a lot of other companies supporting 360 Feedback!

But we were quickly proven wrong. Customers all over the world started signing up and using Spidergap to run 360 Degree Feedback projects. At the time, the administrator interface was far from perfect, but our customers loved the flexibility of the questionnaire designer and the impact that our feedback reports could have.

So, towards the end of 2012 we decided to focus 100 percent on 360 Degree Feedback. And we've never looked back!

Now, Spidergap has been used by over 18,000 users to create over 20,000 projects and assess over 100,000 employees.

We're growing rapidly, and are focused on continuing to be the easiest to use 360 Degree Feedback tool on the market and - as a result - the tool that delivers the best results for both employees and organizations.