Learn Why You Should Choose Spidergap

Spidergap is a consistently top-rated 360º feedback tool. Find out why!

Our customers choose Spidergap for:

  • Our incredible feedback reports (we worked with over 150 HR leaders, managers and employees to design reports that are easy to understand and use)

  • User-friendliness and the ability to customize

  • Fantastic support

  • Pricing that works at any scale.

As a result:

  • We're used in 134 countries by companies in every sector and industry

  • We have a growing network of Spidergap Partners providing consultancy, coaching and training around the world

  • We're the top-rated 360 Feedback tool on Capterra (a third-party site owned by Gartner)

In the words of Jerie Shaw from Shopify, "I was looking for a 360 feedback solution. I tried 10 tools, and all of them sucked except Spidergap, which was amazing".