Find Out About Spidergap Phone Support

We don't offer a phone hotline for support queries. Instead we recommend using email (via or the in-app messenger (on the bottom-right of most pages on Spidergap).

With email and the in-app messenger:

  • We always respond within 24 hours (Monday to Friday, excluding Christmas) and usually much quicker - in fact we're regularly praised for the speed and quality of our support

  • We can provide links to existing help articles and attach supporting documents

  • We'll create new help articles if the answer will be helpful to other customers

  • We can test and try to replicate any technical issues you've experienced

  • We can manage it around other tasks we are taking to improve the site. Which means we don't need to hire dedicated telephone support staff, and this helps to keep our costs (and prices) down.

If it's urgent, then let us know and we'll do our best to respond and take action immediately. When a phone call is really needed, then we'll be happy to call you back.